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About MyCover

Remembering who you are insured with and when that insurance cover expires can be a pain and, at times, not high on the priority list...until you need to use it!! At MyCover, we wanted to change how consumers store and track their insurance cover policies, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust. By storing your insurance cover details in the MyCover App, you can track who you are insured with, be alerted when that cover is about to expire and also store some important details about that cover, such as useful phone numbers and excess amounts.

Simple Design

The app is sleek and easy to navigate. Each cover type has a unique icon and you can set up each cover with its own nickname

Peace of Mind

Your app will alert you that your insurance cover will expire with 28 days and then 14 days, making sure you are never without cover

Easy Access

Keeps all of your insurance details in one place, so you can access them any time, any place, whenever you need them

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Our App Features

Storage for all your insurance details

Car Crash

We know that it can be difficult to remember who you are insured with and what cover you have. This can mean that when the worst happens you have to stress about finding your policy documents.

Whether it's a bump in your car, a flood in your house, or even a theft when you're on holiday, being certain that you have cover in place, you know who you are insured with and even what your policy number is will give you peace of mind.

Reminders before insurance expires


With the volume of emails, post and messages that we get from so many different insurance providers, aggregator sites and even claims management companies, it is easy to forget when your policy expires. This can mean that you end up being without cover. When a policy lapses you may be at risk of criminal prosecution if the cover is required by law eg motor insurance. Even when it is not legally required, going without insurance on your house, for your holiday, or even your gadgets could leave you with a nasty and unexpected payment to repair or replace your possessions.


You will see that when you go to your app, any cover which is due to expire in the next 4 weeks will be amber and will change to red 2 weeks before expiry. Otherwise your MyCover landing page will be green showing cover is in place. 

Keeping your data secure


MyCover does not sell insurance, or have any affilliations with insurance companies, brokers or aggregator sites. We just want to help you take control of the cover that you need. 
If you want some more details about our privacy then review our privacy policy. But in summary, we don't pass on your details to anyone! Only you have access to your records, and we won't contact you offer you services.

The most essential app


Use it to record all kind of insurance policies - from motor, home, travel to life policies, investment policies or anything else you want to keep an eye on

There is space to note extra details and comments  for each policy. This will allow you to note down  contact details, cover elements or claim details

Provides a historic record of your policies, so you can track back to previous insurers. When you add a new policy, the old policy is saved with all of your policy details and comments.

Use to remind you of other regular renewals or subscriptions. We know that you can do that with a calendar app - but MyCover gives you an ongoing check of how long to have until the renewal is due, and reminds you to do something about it. 

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